Hi, Burnaby movers! Juggling moving boxes and a crying infant at the same time isn’t going to be easy. To ensure a successful move, we recommend planning all of your relocation logistics and baby-proofing strategies ahead of time. Below, we’ve listed seven strategies and tips to consider when moving with a baby or small child.

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First, if you have a toddler, make sure to talk to them about the upcoming move. Use simple words, and make the idea of moving sound like a fun and exciting adventure. Try reading a children’s book about moving.

Make lists

Pack non-essentials first – avoid wasted time hunting for those soothers and toys. Make sure that all of your baby’s non-essential belongings are neatly packed in boxes with a clear label. Non-essentials include extra toys, blankets, clothes, and anything else you won’t need on the actual moving day.

Pack baby essentials to take with you – Be sure to have plenty of extra bottles and snacks on hand at all times. Keep your child as distracted as possible with whatever works: a new toy, activities, extra boxes to play with, or even an iPad.

Important tip: The nursery or child’s bedroom should be the very first thing you unpack when moving to your new home. It will give your child a calm and consistent space, which helps ease them into their new home.

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Safety concerns

If you’re renting a van for a DIY move, make sure you bring your child’s car seat with you. Keep potentially dangerous objects away from your child on moving day.

Maintain a consistent routine

Try to keep the baby’s routine as normal as possible during the move. Consistency gives children a much-needed sense of security.

Baby-proof the new home

Finally, the last (and most important) step is to baby-proof your new home as soon as possible. Make sure to remove any potentially dangerous packing materials from the home.

Most importantly, if you are one of the Richmond movers, get a quote from Burnaby Mover, and get the most professional help!