Here are some questions we get and some answers:
Do you do local moves?
Absolutely!  Burnaby mover is a local mover.  We just happen to do long-distance moves as well.  Mayflower, the van line we represent, is well known as being an interstate moving company, so most people associate us that way.  However, we are a local Minnesota moving company that serves St. Paul, Minneapolis, Rochester, and the surrounding areas.

I just have a small move.  Can you do that?
Yes we can.  We handle moves of all sizes.  A lot of people think that in order to use a moving company you need to fill up a truck.  The truth is that very few households will actually have that much stuff.  We can move anything, from just a few pieces of furniture to a huge estate.  Apartment moves are a large part of our business!
Can I do my own packing?
Sure!  We can do as much or as little packing as you’d like.  A lot of people do all their own packing in order to save money.  Some just have us pack a few things.  Some have us pack everything.
Do I need to use moving boxes when I pack?
Not necessarily.  Moving boxes are nice because they are strong and they are sized to stack together nicely.  However, other boxes are just fine as long as they are sturdy and have tops on them so they can be stacked in a truck.
Do you sell boxes?
Yes!  We sell new and used boxes of all shapes and sizes, as well as packing paper, tape, and bubble wrap.
Can you help me move some stuff within my home?
Yes, we can provide manpower and equipment to move things within your home on an hourly basis, subject to a minimum amount of time.
I need to move out of my house but can’t move into my new house for a few weeks.  Can you store my things in the meantime?
Of course!  Lots of people require storage of their belongings for various reasons.  We have warehouses in St. Paul and Rochester that can accommodate almost anything. Burnaby mover also have portable storage containers that you can have brought to your home to load yourself.

Is this Subway?
No, I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.