Moving weight estimates are exactly what they sound like – an estimate of the weight of your entire shipment. An accurate moving weight estimate is critical to determining your moving costs; you can’t possibly get an accurate moving quote without a thorough assessment of everything that you need moved, so be careful of movers who offer moving quotes without first determining your moving weight. Burnaby Mover is your best choice.
Jay’s Calgary movers, our Saskatoon movers and all of our moving professionals across Saskatchewan use a proven approach to estimate your moving weight. We have developed a system that provides a very accurate weight estimate, allowing us to offer very accurate moving quotes.
This task, estimating your moving weight, is not simple. We use a detailedspreadsheet to estimate the weight of your belongings, and are happy to send this to you if you want to make a preliminary assessment, but without the expertise that our consultants have developed through training and experience it may be difficult for you to arrive at an accurate estimate.
When people get estimates from several moving companies or from online brokers, they are often surprised at the variation in prices for the same move. Often, this can be traced to a difference in moving weight estimates. If this happens to you, ask for a copy of the sheet used to calculate the weight of your shipment so that you can see exactly which items have been included.
Burnaby mover provides a copy of our moving weight estimate with our moving quote.
Sometimes weight estimates are done by phone, if you are doing this, rather than having a consultant visit you for an in-home survey, be sure to tell them about everything that needs to be moved in order to get an accurate estimate.
At Jay’s Moving, we prefer to perform an in home survey (but can offer a detailed phone survey if this isn’t possible) so that we can see first-hand what you have as well as giving us the chance to assess any potential obstacles like:
Elevators, and
Narrow spaces.
It’s important that you clearly state which items need to be moved and which don’t.
An accurate moving weight estimate is important because the cost of your move is dependent upon:
The weight of your shipment, and
The distance your shipment needs to travel.

Barnaby mover can give you a hand to move.