The most difficult part of the entire process is packing when it comes to moving. If you do not know what you are doing while you pack your moving boxes, you not only risk major breakage issues during the move, but you waste time that could have been saved. Here are the guidelines provided by Burnaby Movers to ensure safety, efficiency and protection of your possessions during the move.

Burnaby Movers

1. Gather all the necessary supplies before moving
The earlier you are able to get everything you need to pack your home up, the easier it will be to get it all done at once. You will want to have the following on hand: boxes of different sizes; plastic wrap or bubble wrap; markers; a few rolls of packing tape.
2. Pack heavies items on the bottom
You should pack the heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top of them ensures the heaviest items do not end up crushing anything else in the box.
3. Use fabric items to stuff boxes
Having extra spaces in the box can allow items to move around and break. A easy and quick tip is using things like your pillow cases to fill in any extra room left in the boxes.
4. Secure small items before packing
Place small items together in a small box before packing them in a larger box in order to keep them together and make it easier to unpack once you arrive at your new home. Items containing liquid should be covered in plastic wrap and taped around the lid to ensure they do not leak onto other items.
5. Label all boxes
The more detailed you are , the easier it will be to unpack on your onw time – but at the very minimum label each box with which room it should go. You should also mark fragile on any boxes contain fragile staff.

More Importantly,
Let Burnaby Movers to handle the moving,
Relax and enjoy your new home!