After all these years of experience , Burnaby Movers has had the time to perfect the art of packing every kind of possession you can imagine. We have also been called in to help homeowners who are tired of doing their own moves and want some professional help. If you are doing your own packing for your next move, you have to take extra care with these kinds of possessions. Here Burnaby Movers list some advice on how to prevent common breakages during the move.

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Tables always take some damage when moving since they are large and heavy. If possible, remove the legs from tables and protect every piece individually. If you can not do this, you still need to make sure your table is protected with cardboard or bubble wrap.
Appliance are delicate and heavy, and they are important for your daily routine. The most common victims are new front-loading washers. The spinning drum has to be protected during the move with the original shipping bolts. Your local hardware store should have one if you don’t have the original installation kit.
3.Electronic equipment
New computers, panel TVs and sound systems keep getting more heavier, but have smaller and more delicate parts than ever. You should save the packing boxes and Styrofoam when you buy new electronics. If you have already thrown them away, try a non-scratch microfiber cloth over screens, then wrap in generous layers of bubble wrap.
Moving your possessions yourself is a hard work. It is not surprised that some people get tired or injured after several hours of lifting heavy objects. One of the most common injuries is back strain. You should always maintain proper body alignment and lift from the kness when hosting. In addition, make use of dollys for heavier objects and be honest with yourself about what your abilities are.
More Importantly,
Let Burnaby Movers to handle the moving,
Relax and enjoy your new home!